Short Courses


We are pleased to be able to offer two short courses for VGC participants, both taking place the day before the conference starts (21 September 2016). 

For both courses, space will be limited, so please make sure you sign up early! Lunch and coffee breaks included.


Short Course 1: Virtual Geoscience

short course covering 3D measurement techniques, hyperspectral imaging and interpretation for geoscience applications will be aimed at PhD students, early career researchers (ERCs) and anybody with an interest in learning how methods such as lidar, photogrammetry and spectral imaging can be employed in their own work.

Terrestrial laser scanning (lidar) and photogrammetry are being widely adopted in geoscience research for obtaining topographic datasets. In addition, complementary hyperspectral imagers measure reflected light with high spectral resolution, allowing material properties to be analysed remotely. Close range hyperspectral imaging is currently seeing increased interest, especially through integration with lidar geometric data.



Controlling a terrestrial laser scanner using the on-board wifi interface, not just a bunch of people playing on their smartphones ;-). Right; interpretation using LIME. 


In the course we will cover aspects of data collection and processing and then focus on practical exercises allowing participants to learn more about interpretation, analysis and visualisation of 3D models, using the LIME software.


Practical information:

Computer exercises will take place in the university’s computing facilities: computers, software and datasets provided.

Course holders: Dr Simon Buckley & Dr Tobias Kurz

Time: 09:00-17:00

Location: Room 3G10e (3rd floor), Realfagbygget (Natural Science Building), Allégaten 41, University of Bergen




Short Course 2: CloudCompare with Daniel Girardeau-Montaut

CloudCompare is open source software designed for high performance point cloud processing. Initially developed for comparing 3D point clouds (change/difference detection) it has, over time, become a general and well-respected point cloud processing utility, with many users around the world. The software includes advanced algorithms such as registration, resampling, handling of colour, normal and scalar fields, computation of statistics, segmentation and display enhancement. In addition, plugins are available implementing state-of-the-art algorithms reported in the scientific literature.




In this short course, CloudCompare’s creator and lead developer, Daniel Girardeau-Montaut, will give an overview of the software, including elements such as registration, cloud to cloud comparison and plugins. The course is aimed at all participants with an interest in learning more about practical point cloud processing.


Practical information:

Participants should bring their own laptop computers if possible (or be prepared to work together on practical components). 

Course holder: Dr Daniel Girardeau-Montaut

Time: 09:00-17:00

Location: Room CIPR 4060 (4th floor), Realfagbygget (Natural Science Building), Allégaten 41, University of Bergen


Please note that short courses are only available for VGC 2016 participants.




A great thanks to our sponsor for supporting us!