LIME 2.3.2


The latest update in the LIME 2.3 series is now ready for action - download LIME 2.3.2 now!

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As a maintenance release, please be sure to upgrade to LIME 2.3.2 to benefit from bug fixes and improved cloud connection capabilities.

Chalufy virtual outcrop model on V3Geo (Chalufy, VOG Group,


LIME 2.3.2 includes the following main additions:

  • New per layer lighting: toggle scene lighting per layer of your 3D model/Panel to create some beautiful overlay effects
  • Added variables to navigate proxy servers commonly found in corporate network environments
  • Improved handling of floating license address/port in LIME client installations to facilitate automatic deployment to managed machines
  • Enhancements and fixes to model display settings
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements


We hope you enjoy using LIME 2.3.2 in your work. Remember to follow LIME through our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.


VOG team

January 2022


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