New V3Geo release and LIME v2.3

We are delighted to announce new releases of V3Geo and LIME v2.3. V3Geo is a cloud-based repository for 3D models in geoscience. From years of working with virtual outcrops, we know the pain of trying to share models and results with collaborators, students, sponsors and in publications. 3D modelling has got easier over the years, thanks to drones and automation in photogrammetry, but that pain point has not gone away.

With V3Geo, we have a purpose-built web platform for finding and contributing 3D models for scientific and professional use. The 3D web viewer handles models from hand sample scale to 10s kms outcrop. Right now, V3Geo has around 250 models contributed by groups around the world.

You can now sign up and start contributing. Public models are given a technical QC to ensure their reliability for the community. In addition, Private storage with sharing options is also available to ease collaborative working.

LIME is desktop software for visualisation, interpretation and presentation of 3D models. v2.3 has over 100 new features, minor improvements and bug fixes. Check out the V3Geo connection to drop cloud models into your project with a mouse click as the basis for interpretation and virtual field trips. Shuffling GBs of data around no longer necessary!

We hope you enjoy using LIME 2.3 and contributing your models to the V3Geo community.


VOG team,

Autumn 2021

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