Upcoming: A new V3Geo release and LIME v2.3

Some exciting changes are coming over the next month, with a new release of V3Geo and, simultaneously, a new and improved LIME v2.3. Please read on for some important information regarding updating your LIME installation to be compatible with the new release of V3Geo.

In late September we plan to release LIME v2.3. This release includes new features, as well as many improvements and bug fixes that the team has worked on over the last year. An important change will be an updated V3Geo connection, reflecting a major new release of V3Geo that introduces user profiles with private and shared models. The new V3Geo version will be released simultaneously with LIME 2.3. Because of infrastructure changes required to make V3Geo comply with industry-standard security and regulations, the LIME connection will no longer work in older LIME versions (v2.2.2 and earlier).

The update of V3Geo is scheduled to take place 24-26 September 2021. The new version of LIME will be made available on our download page as soon as the V3Geo upgrade has been completed.

Following the new release of V3Geo, you must update your installed version to LIME v2.3 to continue working with the V3Geo model connection in LIME. Please note that license activations will not be affected – you can continue to use your existing local and floating license keys without any need to upgrade. The exact time of this switch will be published soon, and all our users will receive email updates.


A preview of some of the new features in LIME 2.3:

  • Updated V3Geo connection: new user login to access private and shared models, new free text search and filters
  • GIF image support on Panels and overlays (including animated GIFs)
  • New Dip/slope colour layer from 0-180° to support overhanging surfaces
  • New colour ramps (including the “Mars” ones from earlier blog post)
  • Flexible drag and drop functionality:
    • Drag .lime projects and (multiple) model files into 3D scene
    • Drag images to position them as Panels
    • Drag image or movie files as Points
  • Load tiled osgb models from Metashape
  • Panels and overlays using georeferenced imagery will now read georeferencing information directly

Visit our websites (LIME & V3Geo) or follow our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles for more info and glimpses of the new functionality.

More information coming soon!


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September 2021


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