New paper in Geoscience Communication

Congratulations to Kim Senger for another paper documenting the challenges of teaching geology in the high Arctic, when it is dark, frozen and snow-covered for many months of the year!

Kim has set up a fantastic initiative for students at UNIS, the course module AG-222, which covers both conventional field geology and geoscience, while integrating modern digital methods to support fieldwork and periods outside of the short Arctic field season. The paper, in Geoscience Communication, documents the course motivation and setup, and how it was adjusted in line with restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to Kim and the team for the hard work on the paper and for involving the VOG Group in the virtual outcrop interpretation part of the module.

SENGER, K., BETLEM, P., GRUNDVÅG, S.-A., HOROTA, R. K., BUCKLEY, S. J., SMYRAK-SIKORA, A., JOCHMANN, M. M., BIRCHALL, T., JANOCHA, J., OGATA, K., KUCKERO, L., JOHANNESSEN, R. M., LECOMTE, I., COHEN, S. M. AND OLAUSSEN, S., 2021. Teaching with digital geology in the high Arctic: opportunities and challenges, Geoscience Communication, 4(3): 399-420, doi:10.5194/gc-4-399-2021.



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