Seds Online webinar 08/04/2020 @16:00 BST

John Howell will give a webinar for Seds Online today, on the use of 3D virtual outcrops and virtual field trips during this period of global lockdown.

The webinar will explore the background to virtual outcrops in geology, and the many possibilities that we have today for exploiting the 3D environments for completely - for analysis, teaching and most importantly enabling a form of field experience in a world currently limited by travel and physical contact restrictions.

John will showcase our latest V3Geo platform and how the datasets can be used within LIME v2.

You need to be a member of Seds Online to access the webinar, but it is just a simple registration to join this community.


Edit 14/04/20: The webinar was recorded and has been posted online (login required).

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