LIME @ 78° North

Last week, Simon was teaching part of the AG-222 course up in Longyearbyen at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS). This is an exciting new course launched by long-term collaborator Dr Kim Senger, which aims to ground students in digital field and analysis methods for geology and geoscience. Around 18 students from around Europe are taking the course, from a variety of different geoscience backgrounds. A few weeks ago they were learning about virtual outcrop acquisition methods (not too practical in the polar night...) and the next step was how to get value from the 3D models. Step in LIME and a few days of exercises on interpreting, visualising and combining different geoscience data sources. They week ended with the student group's presenting their experience and interpretations of some provided virtual outcrops.

UNIS is the world's northernmost higher education centre. It takes some special logistics to get out in the field here. With the dark period and extreme cold, acquisition of virtual outcrops is a great way to see geology "virtually" for the long stretches of the year where the outcrops are inaccessible.

UNIS and Hiorthfjellet, Feb 2020

Image (c) S. Buckley

With -16°C plus (or minus?) windchill, it proved a challenge for the teacher, even if the software managed just fine...

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