The Virtual Outcrop Geology Group was established in 2004 and focuses on the study of geological outcrops to address reservoir related challenges, and specializes in the acquisition of outcrop data using novel collection techniques such as laser scanning (lab, terrestrial and helicopter-based), photogrammetry (across the scales: lab, ground, UAVs and boats) and focus on novel means of processing, visualising and extracting information to fully exploit the methods in research and industry. These methods are becoming increasingly relevant to other disciplines, and the group has worked with projects in geoscience and energy research, mining, material recycling and cultural heritage.

The VOG Group has been at the leading edge of digital outcrop geology for over 15 years, pioneering many of the developments in data acquisition, processing, and sharing of 3D models. To facilitate the interpretation, visualisation and communication of 3D photorealistic models, the group develops the LIME software. The group consists of multidisciplinary experts in geology, geomatics and computer science. In September 2016, the VOG Group hosted the 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference (VGC2016) in Bergen.

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