After VGC 2018

We are just back from the 3rd Virtual Geoscience Conference in Kingston, Canada, which was hosted by Queen's University under conference chair Ryan Kromer (now at Colorado School of Mines). Around 75 delegates from around the world were present to discuss the latest developments in technology and applications around the theme of virtual geoscience. A notable feature of this conference series is the cross-disciplinary interest, giving us the chance to talk to geoscientists from many areas (geology, glaciology, volcanology, energy, infrastructure and more), as well as researchers working in geospatial science, computer visualisation and related fields. The local focus on mining and engineering geology also brought a new perspective from our 2016 event, and it was interesting to get an insight into the topics and needs currently being worked on.

The VOG Group was well-represented during the conference: Nicole presented the SAFARI project, and Simon presented ongoing work the group is performing related to digital field excursions. Tobias' poster was presented by our colleague Thomas Dewez (BRGM), and Simon was a member of the closing panel discussion. In addition, we had a small booth where it was possible for delegates to get an interactive flavour of our LIME and SAFARI frameworks.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Ryan Kromer and the local organising committee team for creating a friendly atmosphere for discussions. Let's see where the next VGC ends up for 2020 - looking forward to it already!

 VOG booth

 Simon and Nicole on the VOG booth.


 Interactive session

 Presenting during the interactive session.


Conference dinner venue

Venue for the conference dinner: a tour of the thousand islands by boat.


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