Welcome to our new LIME website. We're pleased to move LIME from an "undercover" project that was used internally as the basis for many of our research projects over the years, supporting much of the analysis and visualisation that has been published in papers and presented at conferences. Now it's time for LIME to get its own LIMElight as we make it available for use by the community. We're looking forward to sharing our software, which we think adds some fairly unique visual and interpretation functionality to support field geology, geoscience and beyond. Stay tuned for updates, documentation and more.

Latest News

7th. Apr, 20
LIME v2 released

A red letter day today: after many months of work, LIME v2 is finally out of the door!

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5th. Apr, 20
A sustainable future for LIME

One of the most difficult discussions around the release of LIME v2 is the decision to...

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30th. Mar, 20
Connect to V3Geo models in LIME

V3Geo is our new repository for virtual 3D models in geoscience, launched 24th March 2020, and...

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