VGC 2020 Marseilles: website live

The 4th Virtual Geoscience Conference (VGC 2020) will take place in Marseilles, France, October 21-23 2020. The conference is the latest dedicated to the exciting crossover discipline of virtual geoscience, where researchers, industry and public bodies from a plethora of scientific fields present the latest developments in geomatics, computer science and visualisation for geoscience applications. Earlier conferences were represented by geologists, geomorphologists, glaciologists, volcanologists, geospatial and computer scientists... the list goes on! It's exciting to see that the conference series continues to be a popular multidisciplinary niche.

VGC 2020 is organised by Dr Sophie Viseur from CEREGE/Aix-Marseilles University.

The conference website has now been launched and can be visited here. Abstract submission end of April.

We are looking forward to this event. More details soon!



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