VGC 2018 Special Issue

The 3rd Virtual Geoscience Conference (VGC 2018) special issue has just been published in The Photogrammetric Record. The special issue is the result of a call for papers made in Kingston, Canada, in August 2018, by the convenor, Ryan Kromer. The SI follows the tradition of the first two VGCs (Lausanne and Bergen), and again showcases the diversity of how geospatial and computer science are contributing to geoscience applications around the world. Six papers cover novel techniques and applications in virtual outcrop geology, volcanology, glaciology and coastal change. Simon acted as a guest editor for the SI, contributing to the Editorial.

You'll find the Editorial here and SI on the journal's homepage.

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New paper in Journal for Geoscience Education

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10th. Sep, 20
Adapting to virtual teaching in a time of physical distancing

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21st. Aug, 20
GeoUtrecht 2020

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