LIME v2 released

A red letter day today: after many months of work, LIME v2 is finally out of the door!

We are happy to announce the release of version 2 of our LIME interpretation, visualisation and communication software. This version has been in the pipeline for a long time, but somehow the project work, must-have features and fixes kept on coming, making it challenging to take the time out to polish a new public release. From at least one point of view, being housebound over the last few weeks has helped… the team has been working remotely to finish up the release and the launch of V3Geo and LIME v2.

Go straight to the Download page... or keep reading for more details

We have put together a small series of posts to mark this release:

  1. Ramping up and main features to expect
  2. Announcing V3Geo
  3. New LIME connection to V3Geo
  4. A sustainable future for LIME

LIME v2 Promo


Over the last weeks we have been working on and testing the new direct cloud connection to V3Geo from within LIME. Having been at the frontline of file transfer and data sharing pain over the last 15 years, this feels like a revolution. Definitely worth it for number of hard drives saved! Putting together virtual 3D environments has never been so easy.

We hope you enjoy using the new version of LIME and hope it can help you open up new areas of work.

LIME team, 07 April 2020


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