LIME v2.2.2 released

We are happy to release the latest version of LIME, now hitting v2.2.2! This is a maintenance release, with over 40 minor updates and fixes included.

Head over to the Download page to get going with LIME v2.2.2.


Main changes:

  • Save previously “global” parameters to Views. Vertical exaggeration (Z Scale), 3D scene background colour and north arrow state can all be configured per View, adding even more flexibility to your LIME 3D data presentations.
  • Importing image files to Panels used to default to oversized monsters in the 3D scene. New image Panels will now fit within the 3D viewport.
  • Georeferenced images can now be overlayed on cloud models (V3Geo, SAFARI).
  • Autodesk FBX files can now be loaded.
  • It is possible to open a new Point link (e.g. web links, images) without closing the previous pane. 3D Points can now be duplicated.
  • Added export of 3D Points.
  • Transforms are properly applied on export of Points, Planes and Lines.
  • Reworking of parts of the 3D Element creation dialogs and data tree to fix some long-standing issues and to make it more productive when creating multiple elements.
  • Double click a folder to open/close. Some key folders (e.g. Models) now open on loading a project.

We hope you have fun working with LIME v2.2.2.

LIME team, November 2020


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