GEO Expro article on seismic modelling features LIME

An article in the GEO Expro magazine has been published by our long-term collaborator from the University of Bergen, Isabelle Lecomte. Isabelle works heavily on improving the accessibility of seismic modelling methods for geologists and other geoscientists, getting away from traditional 1D modelling approaches. As part of her ongoing drive to innovate on the education of seismic modelling, the article outlines the motivation for better modelling, and some nice examples of testing modelling concepts and limitations using assorted input datasets. For outcrop geology we have worked to create synthetic seismic models from interpreted Panels in LIME, allowing the orthorectified result to be overlain directly on the outcrop model. A great way to demonstrate resolution and imaging effects for geologists!


The article includes a screenshot made in LIME and data from our SAFARI project:

GEO Expro figure

LIME figure showing synthetic seismic image of the Ainsa Quarry created by University of Bergen students (Lecomte, 2019).


 Thanks to Isabelle for the ongoing collaboration!

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