Fieldwork teaching workshop, TU Delft

For the first time, TU Delft (Hemmo Abels, Roderik Lindenbergh and Jan Kees Blom from Civil Engineering and Geosciences) organised a workshop to gather those providing field education in geoscience teaching programmes in the Netherlands. The aim was to share experiences - what worked and did not work - and current practise from field-based teaching. Those represented mainly covered geology, hydrology, remote sensing and geophysics. The VOG Group was invited to present virtual geoscience methods from an international perspective, based on experiences teaching digital outcrop methods and working with virtual field trips. Simon gave the keynote talk, with LIME used to present an overview of practical exercises run with students at the University of Bergen.

Thanks to Hemmo, Roderik and Jan Kees for organising the workshop and offering the invite to present our work.

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