Arctic Drone Event 2018


The VOG Group was present at the the Arctic Drone Event in Svalbard, 18-19 September 2018. The conference gathered leading experts in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry to share ideas on how drones can benefit environmental protection work. In addition to the conference itself, group sessions discussing drone usage in environmental issues, a boat trip to the abandoned Russian mining settlement of Pyramiden and the Nordenskiold glacier, combined with practical usage of drones made this a truly unique drone event.

Benjamin Dolva from the VOG Group was present at the Arctic Drone Event. The event was a good meeting point for future colleagues in NORCE working on unpiloted vehicle technology.

NORCE at Arctic Drone Event

Benjamin Dolva (Uni Research), Rune Schlanbusch (Teknova), Anne Ansnes Hageberg  (CMR), Rune Storvold (Norut).


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