LIME: Show off your 3D environment

Thanks to recent innovations in geomatics hardware and software, it is becoming easier to acquire and process 3D data, to generate high quality digital representations of natural topography, buildings, museum pieces and many more. In geoscience applications, advances in laser scanning (lidar) and photogrammetry (structure from motion) have resulted in a surge in uptake, with many applications now benefitting from the contribution of 3D models as the fundamental basis for analysis and integration of project datasets.

Despite the ever-increasing automation and ease of generating 3D models, application-specific analysis and visualisation can still be difficult to achieve, as lidar or photogrammetric software is typically not designed to go beyond model creation. This is where LIME comes in. Developed for over five years, by a leading group in virtual geoscience, who know the applications and needs related to 3D data, LIME is a high performance software tool for interpreting 3D models, combining and integrating spatial and image data and creating high quality visualisations. The aim is to prepare unique and aesthetically-pleasing visual results that allow users to create the maximum visual impact to showcase their project results.

All images on this site are generated using LIME, with zero editing or enhancement in image processing software afterwards.
What you see is what you get!