LIME has been developed by the VOG Group for over five years. It is written in C++ and is based on high performance OpenGL graphics, including heavy use of the graphics processing unit (GPU) for advanced rendering. At the current stage LIME is only available for Windows, though further platforms are planned to be supported in the future.

Hardware requirements

It is recommended to have a dedicated GPU for running the 3D graphics (NVIDIA recommended, e.g. Quadro series >2GB). In addition, >4GB RAM (recommended 16GB or more) is needed to load larger 3D model data, and a multi-core processor is beneficial. Finally, high speed hard drives allow faster out of core data loading for level of detail (LOD) datasets.


LIME was released for download during the 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference (21-23rd September 2016). It is free to use for academic purposes. Commercial and non-academic users should contact us ( for pricing.

No warranty or support can be offered just yet, though we are happy to receive your feedback on how to improve LIME (email We are interested in collaborative projects where we can push the boundaries of our methods and software in new and exciting applications.


How to cite LIME

Buckley, S.J., Ringdal, K., Naumann, N., Dolva, B., Kurz, T.H., Howell, J.A., Dewez, T.J.B., 2019. LIME: Software for 3-D visualization, interpretation, and communication of virtual geoscience models, Geosphere, 15(1): 222-235. doi:10.1130/GES02002.1.


Test data set

The Ainsa data is a freely provided training data set for LIME users. It allows users to explore the technical functionality needed to use LIME for 3D model visualisation and interpretation. An example project, Ainsa.lime, and a getting started guide is included in the test data package. The geological interpretation found in the data set is made by Vipond (2005). It has been simplified and is not a geologically-exhaustive interpretation. Please note the Ainsa data provided remains copyright of the VOG Group, Bergen and shall not be redistributed or used for any other purpose without written permission.

Please see the LIME FAQ for some answers to common queries when getting started with the software.


Terms of use

  • LIME and the VOG Group, Bergen, shall be acknowledged in any publication or presentation based on use of the software.
  • Publication based on LIME should include citation to Buckley et al. (2019).



LIME 1.1 is now released with an evaluation licence valid for 180 days.
Please contact us for annual commercial and research licences.
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