LIME: Visualise, Interpret, Present...

LIME is a high performance 3D viewer for working with models acquired using lidar, photogrammetry and related spatial measurement techniques. The software focuses on advanced visualisation of photorealistic textured models and meshes, and allows additional data types (field photos, georeferenced imagery, geophysical sections, panels, annotations and more) to be placed and overlaid in 3D. LIME includes interpretation tools for digitising and measuring features. The combination of large data handling, multiple data types, and novel rendering makes LIME unique for preparing high quality visual outputs for presentation and collaboration. Put all this together to develop virtual environments, field trips and courses in LIME...

LIME has been developed as the basis for research and innovation in the VOG Group. Nominally it is developed for geology and geoscience. However, it is equally relevant in cultural heritage, archaeology and many other fields relying on presentation and interpretation of 3D models.

Companies and educational organisations around the world are creating value in LIME.


Latest News

15th. Nov, 20
LIME v2.2.2 released

We are happy to release the latest version of LIME, now hitting v2.2.2!

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30th. Oct, 20
LIME 2.2.2 coming soon

Another maintenance version of LIME will soon be released. The team has been busy...

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30th. Oct, 20
FORCE virtual field trip school #3

John Howell is running four virtual field trips for FORCE over the autumn. 

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