LIME: Visualisation and Interpretation Software

LIME is a high performance 3D viewer for working with models acquired using laser scanning, photogrammetry and related spatial measurement techniques. The software focuses on novel and advanced visualisation of surface meshes and photorealistic textured models, and allows additional data types (photos, georeferenced image files, hyperspectral images, panels, annotations) to be placed and overlaid in the 3D environment. LIME includes interpretation tools to allow digitisation and measurement of features. The combination of large data handling, ability to load multiple object types, and novel rendering makes LIME a unique tool for preparing high quality graphical products for presentation and collaboration.

LIME has been developed for over five years as the basis for innovations and project collaboration in the VOG Group. Nominally it is developed for geoscientists and data types common in the geosciences. However, it is equally applicable to many other applications, such as cultural heritage and archaeology, which are dependent on presentation and interpretation of 3D model data.


Latest News

7th. Apr, 20
LIME v2 released

A red letter day today: after many months of work, LIME v2 is finally out of the door!

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5th. Apr, 20
A sustainable future for LIME

One of the most difficult discussions around the release of LIME v2 is the decision to...

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30th. Mar, 20
Connect to V3Geo models in LIME

V3Geo is our new repository for virtual 3D models in geoscience, launched 24th March 2020, and...

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LIME 2.0 Available Now!