Geophysical image integration


A powerful feature of LIME is the ability to import geophysical data panels representing 2D sections through the subsurface, such as from ground penetrating radar (GPR) or seismic data. The images are positioned in the 3D scene using Panels, allowing overlay and projection. This provides a unique ability to directly compare exposed topography with subsurface datasets, to aid correlation, quality control, and presentation of results.


GPR panels placed in the 3D view, with one panel projected onto a 3D lidar model of an excavated quarry face (courtesy Carbonate Geomodels, IRIS/University of Bergen).


Synthetic seismic image generated from orthorecitifed interpretation of photogrammetric outcrop data (Spitsbergen) and used as an analogue for signatures seen in subsurface seismic data from the offshore Barents Sea (Trias North project and collaboration with Isabelle Lecomte, University of Bergen/Oslo).


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