Simon Buckley

Simon Buckley hails from the UK, and studied geomatics at Newcastle University, both as an undergraduate and postgraduate. After completing his PhD in coastal erosion monitoring in 2003, he stuck with the Newcastle theme and worked as a postdoc at the University of Newcastle, Australia, working with combining aerial laser scanning and photogrammetric terrain data. He joined the VOG group in January 2005, and has since been responsible for all things spatially related, principally the development of workflows for using geomatics methods in outcrop geology and the geosciences. Despite being a non-geologist, he has picked up enough knowledge from a host of excellent field geologists to occasionally go undercover. Simon’s broad research interest is improving the contribution and uptake of geomatics in geoscience applications, through developments in methods, workflows and visualisation. This has culminated in development of LIME, as a lightweight tool for interpretation and advanced graphical presentation of 3D environments, as well as novel data fusions for showcasing 3D geoscience data. In 2016, Simon was convenor of the 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference, and is also International Editorial Board Coordinator of The Photogrammetric Record.


Nicole Naumann

Nicole has a background in geoecology (specialising in remote sensing and GIS) and did her doctoral degree (Dr.rer.nat.) on hyperspectral remote sensing technologies and soil research at the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ), Potsdam and Humboldt-University of Berlin (Germany). She joined the VOG group in June 2009, and is currently responsible for the design and configuration of the SAFARI database and the development of standards for outcrop nomenclature and modern depositional systems. Her main work at present includes extensive data upload to the SAFARI database and improvement of the web pages. As SAFARI project coordinator, Nicole also acts as main contact for sponsors and database uses (general user support) and is responsible for the organisation of meetings and workshops.

Nicole considers herself as an interdisciplinary researcher, who has the ability to communicate her skills and expertise in different research fields, and collaborate with others of various scientific backgrounds. After work you will find her playing with her kids, choir singing and hiking in the great Norwegian landscape. 


Tobias Kurz

Tobias Kurz graduated in Geology at the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology (Freiberg, Germany), with specialization in structural geology and remote sensing. During his diploma he evaluated deformation structures and oblique rifting in the Main Ethiopian Rift. After a short period as teaching assistant for statistics and remote sensing he moved to Bergen and started a PhD position in the VOG group in 2006. His PhD project was on combining close range hyperspectral and terrestrial lidar scanning for geological outcrop analysis, and was defended in January 2011. His research interests include spectral analysis, image processing, photogrammetry, virtual outcrop modelling and reservoir geology. After work you will find him enjoying the great Norwegian outdoors, through sea kayaking, cycling, hiking and skiing, or relaxing at a nice jazz concert. 


Kari Ringdal

Kari studied computer science at the University of Bergen, and completed her MSc degree specialised in visualisation in 2012. After finishing her studies she worked as a summer student at CMR in Bergen. She joined the VOG group in January 2013 as a 3D programmer and works on the SAFARI project, developing a web-based viewer for outcrop data, as well as the LIME geoscience visualisation software. Before entering computer studies Kari studied art and design in Bergen. She has also been studying photography and worked in the photography business for several years. 

Kari is from Voss, a small town with long skiing traditions, and she loves to ski and snowboard. She also enjoys good food, travelling and spending time in nature. 


Benjamin Dolva 

Benjamin is our resident expert on terrestrial lidar and photogrammetric data collection and processing, as well as GIS and data management. He joined the VOG group in 2014 after graduating with a BSc degree in geomatics at Newcastle University, UK. Benjamin works primarily on the SAFARI project, responsible for collecting and processing outcrop data into virtual outcrop models. Since he started Benjamin has also worked on his interests connected with improving the workflow used for processing outcrop models, combining laser scanning and SfM data and evaluating new software. He is also registered as the accountable manager for Uni Research as an RPAS operator in Norway. Although Benjamin is originally from Tønsberg, he mostly enjoys living in Bergen. His hobbies are running, cycling, skiing and travelling, which includes fieldwork in remote areas (Utah, South Africa, Mexico, among others) as a nice variation from the office-based processing.


Christian Kehl  

Christian Kehl graduated in Multimedia Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Wismar (Germany). He conducted his masters thesis at TU Delft (Netherlands, 2012) on the topic of “Conformal multi-material mesh generation of noisy medical volumes” after a full semester study in “Vision, Graphics and Interactive Systems” at Aalborg University (Denmark, 2011). He currently is working on his PhD on the Petromaks2 project VOM2MPS, studying visual techniques on mobile devices for geological fieldwork. His major research interests are techniques in discrete geometry, computer graphics, virtual reality and pattern recognition, and their application to the analysis and visualisation of geoscientific research topics (e.g. in petroleum geology).

Christian is an extrovert character who likes to explore foreign cultures and societies, spending time on longer international social evenings after work. He likes cycling, gym workouts and martial arts practice as sporting activities.